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Six Month Smilesô - Now Available at Palm Beach Smiles!


Actual Six Month Smiles Patient - Braces Done in 6 Months at Palm Beach Smiles in Boynton Beach, Florida.  Actual before and after photos.

Beautiful, straight teeth in just six months with Cosmetic Braces - in Boynton Beach, FL
(Tiersa's Smile Close-Up)

"I have a beautiful smile thanks to you.  Thank you so much for everything you did for me.  Words can't describe, but my SMILE can." - Tiersa Murr

Tiersa's smile always bothered her.  And, about 7 months before her wedding, she decided to do something.  Porcelain veneers would have been fairly aggressive to compensate for the degree of crookedness of Tiersa's teeth.  And, Tiersa didn't have two years to spare for traditional orthodontics.  6 Month Smilesô was the perfect solution.  Her braces came off just in time for the wedding!  That's Tiersa in the wedding photo!

Every case on this website is an actual case treated by Dr. Michael Barr, a general dentist, at Palm Beach Smiles.

Before and After Photos of 6 Month Braces

Clear braces are barely visible!  Call Palm Beach Smiles for a 6-Month Braces consultation.
6 Month Braces in Palm Beach County Beautiful, straight teeth in just six months - in Boynton Beach, Palm Beach County
Tiersa is wearing 6 Month braces!
A silver wire was used in this case.
We now have white wires!
Amazing results! Straightened in
just six months!



Has your smile been stuck in "Cosmetic Limbo?"


Have you considered Veneers but didn't want your teeth permanently altered?


Were you afraid your only other choice is to have braces for Two Years or longer?


Does the thought of being treated while being surrounded by kids turn you off?  Keep reading!

Our Boynton Beach Dental Office was the first in Palm Beach County certified by Six Month Smilesô to offer 6 Month Adult Braces.  In the past, your only choices to correct a crooked smile were traditional comprehensive orthodontics or Porcelain Veneers. 

Today, you can have crooked, crowded, or spaced teeth straightened cosmetically with 6 Month Braces. 

Invisible Braces

6 Month Braces are virtually invisible.  Below is a photo of one of our patients wearing the Six Month Smilesô clear braces.  Can you see the braces? 

Nearly Invisible Braces straighten your teeth in 6 months!  6-Month Braces and Cosmetic Dentistry in Palm Beach County.

Karyn is wearing nearly invisible 6-Month Braces.
A white wire is being used in this case.



What new career opportunities await you and your new smile?


How would your social life change with your new smile?


How will you feel about yourself?

Six Month Smilesô "Fast" Adult Braces offers an easy, affordable, and effective alternative to traditional orthodontics and porcelain veneers in many cases.  These remarkable results are possible in about 6 months. 

Spaces between teeth can be closed with Six Month Braces. Gaps between teeth closed with Six Month Braces. Teeth spaces closed quickly and easily with Six Month Smiles!

Kareese wanted to eliminate the spaces between his teeth.  About six months in braces, whitening, and a little bonding created a fantastic result!


Here's a video testimonial about Six Month Smiles cosmetic braces:


In just 6 Months, you can enjoy your newfound confidence with your own "Palm Beach Smile."  You don't have to feel embarrassed about your smile anymore.  You can go "From Zero to Straight in Six Months!"

Think about it - In the time it takes between your regular cleaning appointments, your treatment can be complete!

If you would prefer the service of an office geared towards Adult Orthodontic Treatment, offering a private atmosphere, we believe you'll feel right at home at Palm Beach Smiles.  And, you won't have to sit next to a bunch of 12 year olds playing video games.

Dr. Barr,

 I want to sincerely thank you and your wonderful staff, Sandy, Jo-Ann and Gina, for giving me my beautiful new smile.  I have wanted straight, white teeth ever since I can remember, but always put other things first.  I truly believe everything happens for a reason, and the reason I didnít have this done sooner must be because I was waiting to find your office!  When I found you on the internet and saw your ad for Six Month Braces, I thought, wow, I will have to check this out!  I am so happy I did.  I not only have beautiful straight teeth, but have found a dentist for life!

In the past, I hardly ever smiled showing my teeth and certainly never in pictures.  Now I canít stop smiling!  This has truly changed my life and boosted my self-confidence beyond belief.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!! 
- Joanne L.

For Questions about 6 Month Cosmetic Braces, click on FAQ or give us a call at 561-736-2377. 

You can also visit our special website just about 6 Month Braces by clicking here for more details.


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