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Boynton Beach Dentist Fees

A Frank Discussion About Fees

In this economy, I thought I’d speak a bit on the elephant in the room:  Fees - or the costs of dental care.

I am comfortable in saying the fees at my Boynton Beach dental office are not at the low end.  I admit that I'm not the "cheap dentist" in town.  It’s also worth pointing out that neglect leads to higher costs.  Nearly 100% of dental problems are preventable.

Throughout my career (20 of which have been in Palm Beach County), I’ve practiced with a singular directive, and that is to do the best dentistry I can… every day.  I’ve spent well over 2,000 hours in continuing education over the 24 years I’ve been a dentist.  I enjoy learning about the latest techniques and materials and implementing them for the benefit of my patients.

Dentists come in many flavors. 

The reality is that a “crown isn’t a crown isn’t a crown.”  Not all dentists are created equally.  Not all dental treatment is performed equally.  The truth is that skills and the level of diligence does vary.  Both photos below represent similar treatment (crowns on front teeth).  It’s fairly obvious that they were not done with the same level of care or expertise.  Look at the gum line, the shape and anatomy, the color shading.  Which example looks like natural teeth?  The crowns on the right were done here at Palm Beach Smiles.  Should both dentists charge the same price?

Dental prices in Palm Beach County      Crown prices in Boynton Beach, Palm Beach County, Delray Beach, Boca Raton, West Palm Beach

There’s nothing wrong with different levels of care.  They all can serve patients well.  And, I realize not every patient cares about getting the higher levels of treatment.  It becomes a matter of what you want for yourself.

Watch out for extras.

In addition to quality, patients should also compare advertised low fees to the REAL costs (bottom line) after they’ve added all the hidden “extras.”  You may see advertisements for crowns or implants (as examples) for very low fees.  However, in my experience locally, I’ve witnessed a lot of “unbundling” of dental fees.   That means, the dentist adds other “necessary procedures” that incur additional fees (not mentioned in the advertising).  So, the crown may be advertised for $600.  It sounds like a great deal!  But, then they add on items like:  build-up, occlusal (bite) adjustment, precious metal, anesthesia, desensitizing medicaments, temporary restoration, “cord packing,” gingivoplasty, and others.   By the time you get to the “bottom line,” the total fee is considerably more than the advertised fee.  Ask questions!

No surprises at Palm Beach Smiles.

At Palm Beach Smiles, these are normal steps in treatment, and they are not itemized or “unbundled.”  Our fees are all-inclusive.  The quoted fee is the fee, period.  It won't change.  At Palm Beach Smiles, you’ll get personal attention, fabulous results, and no unwelcome surprises.  Also remember that we can often spread treatment over time, making it more affordable.  We enjoy seeing patients from:  Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, Boca Raton, West Palm Beach, and the Western Communities in Palm Beach County. 

No insurance?  We can help!

You can access special savings, even if you don't have dental insurance.  Click here to learn more about how you can save money on your dental care at Palm Beach Smiles .


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