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Smile Makeovers in Boynton Beach

"We are very pleased with the new 'Palm Beach Smile.'" - Karel & Lise Johnson

Boynton Beach Smile Makeover and Full Mouth ReconstructionDo you feel comfortable with your own smile?  Do you have to consciously alter your natural smile to avoid embarrassment - every day?  Do you keep your lips together when you smile? 

Now, visualize how liberating it would be to NOT have to think about it anymore.  See yourself with your new smile, your new attitude, your new self-confidence, and your NEW LIFE.

Dentistry has evolved dramatically in recent years.  You may have old dentistry that was done in bits and pieces.  Much of it may be worn resulting in collapsed bites, flat teeth, and difficulty with chewing or bite problems.  This wear and patchwork quilt of old dental work creates an appearance that can age you beyond how you feel.  Furthermore, a poor bite can cause jaw joint problems, muscle tenderness, and even headaches.  Your chewing and speech may be affected, as well.

Full mouth reconstruction, also known as "smile makeover" or "smile rejuvenation," is a demanding area of cosmetic dentistry that often requires a combination of many disciplines.  Most importantly, it requires planning and advanced skills on part of the dentist.

Dr. Michael Barr has been performing Smile Makeovers in Boynton Beach for patients from all over Palm Beach County, out-of-state, and even overseas for years.  Every photo you see on this website is a real patient at Palm Beach Smiles.  Perhaps it's your time to get that "Palm Beach Smile" you've always wanted.

To see photographs of actual reconstruction cases performed by Dr. Barr, click on the photos above or on Smile Makeover Photos.

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