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Cosmetic Porcelain Crowns in Boynton Beach

Boynton Beach Smile Makeover
Actual case by Dr. Barr at Palm Beach Smiles.  This is combination of crowns and veneers.
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Do you have large stained fillings?  Do you have existing crowns that have a dark line at the gumline or look unnatural, like "chiclets"?  

Cosmetic Dental Crowns can be used to create a more pleasing smile.  Some of the conditions that can be corrected with cosmetic crowns:

bulletOld crowns that have "black line syndrome" near the gum line.
bulletOld crowns that no longer match your other teeth.
bulletLarge stained fillings or bondings.
bulletLarge silver-mercury amalgam fillings.
bulletIssues with your bite or how your teeth fit together.
bulletTeeth worn down over the years.


The trend is towards reducing or eliminating metal in dentistry.  The All-Ceramic Crowns are state of the art.  They appear very natural and have the advantage of being bonded to the tooth for strength.  Since there is no metal substructure, they don't have the "black line syndrome" at the gum line.

Dr. Michael Barr has dedicated himself to creating beautiful smiles with the latest porcelain or all-ceramic dental crowns.  He has even taught these techniques to other dentists from across the country.  If you're in Boynton Beach or Palm Beach County, Porcelain Crowns may be your answer to getting your own "Palm Beach Smile!"  Whether it's a single tooth or an entire smile, we want it to look like it grew there - natural and beautiful.

To see photographs of actual cases done by Dr. Barr, click on Dental Crown photos.

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