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Dental Crowns in Boynton Beach

"Beautiful teeth are one of the essentials in being a woman regardless of age. Their natural beauty strengthen my confidence and enhance my professional and personal life. They are a result of the fine work of a talented young dentist. "  -  Dr. Toni Fuss Kirkwood-Tucker

Crowns are the restoration of choice when a filling will no longer suffice.  Once a filling occupies 50% or more of the width of a tooth, a crown is indicated.  Crowns surround the tooth bracing it together, whereas a large filling acts as a wedge, weakening the tooth.  Teeth with large fillings are prone to breaking or splitting. 

You may need a crown for the following reasons:

bulletYour tooth has a large cavity.
bulletYour tooth has had root canal therapy.
bulletYour tooth has a large, weak filling.
bulletTo replace a failing or unacceptable existing crown.
bulletFor cosmetic improvement.

Crowns can be made of several different materials each of which may be indicated for different situations:

bullet"Porcelain Fused to Metal" (A metal substructure with a porcelain covering)
bulletAll-Ceramic (Porcelain with no metal) - This is the latest in technology and becoming increasingly popular.

Big silver fillings like this tend to cause teeth to break.  Crowns surround and brace a tooth making it stronger.  Palm Beach, Boynton Beach
Before & after of actual case by Dr. Barr

To see more cases, click here for more photos of dental porcelain crowns performed by Dr. Barr in Boynton Beach.


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