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Precision-Targeted Dental Anesthesia in Boynton Beach

bullet"The dentist can't get my tooth numb."
bullet"Local anesthetic doesn't work on me."

targeted dental anesthesia - Dentist - Boynton Beach, Palm Beach CountyDoes this describe you?  Has painless dentistry eluded you?  Have you had trouble or difficulty getting "numb" before?  More often than not, it's a lower molar that resists anesthesia.  Here at Palm Beach Smiles, we are confident we can get any tooth numb.  Dr. Barr has learned special techniques to get specific teeth numb comfortably and efficiently.  The technique actually uses less anesthetic and works very quickly.  It also wears off more quickly after your treatment. 

This technique does not involve putting you to "sleep."  It is not sedation.  It's best described as "precision-targeted anesthesia."  Instead of using a traditional "block" that makes the whole side of your face numb, Dr. Barr will gently numb just the tooth or teeth being treated, resulting in a painless experience.

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