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Teeth Whitening Photos in Boynton Beach

Mia didn't like the dark appearance of her teeth.  The "after" photo demonstrates the result after bleaching her upper teeth only.  Note the contrast between the upper teeth and the untreated lower teeth.  She later decided to bleach her lower teeth as well.

After photo of teeth whitening, bleaching




Looking great, Mia!
Great Smile!


Single Tooth Bleaching

The following patient complained that his front tooth had turned dark.  This sometimes happens when the pulp of a tooth is injured and dies.  Typically, the tooth requires root canal therapy.  The answer to this patient's problem was "internal bleaching."  After a few visits the tooth lightened up very nicely.  The "after" picture taken immediately after treatment shows the tooth a little lighter than the others.  Normally it will "tone down a notch" and blend nicely.

Single dark tooth whitened with bleaching.  Boynton Beach, Palm Beach County, Delray Beach, Boca Raton.




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